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Why I wear all the hats in my business before I outsource

3 Things to Understand Before Outsourcing

1. Understand the basics

If you don’t understand how something works, how are you supposed to accurately evaluate someone else’s work? You need to at least understand the basics so you know what to look out for.

2. If you can manage yourself

I try to learn the how and the why so I can decide if it’s something I can take on myself, or if it's something I should pass off. There are things that I do well, but absolutely hate. Or find that it doesn’t directly move the needle for my business, so my time is better spent elsewhere.

3. Empathy

This will give you a better understanding and more empathy for the person you do end up hiring. If you have no idea what their job is like, you’re probably going to have unrealistic expectations, which only causes tension.


So maybe design isn’t your strong suit, that’s perfectly fine. But you SHOULD understand the strategy behind your design. What emotions you are trying to evoke. What values you want portrayed.

You can’t expect someone to read your mind and feelings, and many don’t even bother asking. So take things into your own hands first, before expecting someone else to handle it!

Learn how to do just that with my Personal Brand Strategy course, and create your brand guideline that you can hand off to any contractor or team member so they don’t have to read your mind or help you organize your vision.

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