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Personal Branding Tips for Beginners

First things first, let’s get crystal clear on your:

  1. Why

  2. Core Values

  3. Target Audience

If you want to be relatable and build trust, this is how you do it:

  1. Having clarity on your why lets you establish genuine connections and actually attract your ideal tribe instead of chase. Never chase. This sets you apart from every other competitor out there and allows you to be impact focused with your biz.

  2. Your core values are how you set standards and boundaries. (And those better be set HIGH) If not, we’ll make sure you raise them. Your values are your guideline for who you want to work with and who you allow in your space. It influences your tone of voice, brand archetype, marketing and sales speak, and the overall way you conduct business and carry yourself.

  3. Your target audience is more than just simple demographics. You need to deep dive into every possible characteristic to create a persona. Where they live, what they drive, restaurants they eat at, social media they’re on, pain points, desires, fears. Get as detailed as possible! But let’s be honest, this research step can take days, especially if you’re not clear on what you’re looking for.

For a clear and implementable road map on how to bring all of these factors to life and create a cohesive brand to level up your lifestyle, check out my new Personal Brand Strategy course and learn to build and monetize your luxury personal brand.

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