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Do's and Don't of landing in Forbes

Do's and Don't of landing in Forbes

Number 1….stop thinking Forbes is a pay to play type of outlet. That’s a real good way to get yourself blacklisted from every major publication.

The most successful way to land yourself in Forbes is to know exactly what they’re looking for, support your credibility with other top tier press, then pitch a unique and relevant angle.

But before that step, ask yourself “is my brand established enough to even think about pitching to Forbes?”


  • Have a legitimate business, not just a hobby or side project

  • Have a unique/relevant factor

  • Have a website or strategy to capture leads coming from press

  • Make sure your brand is cohesive across all platforms and socials (or will confuse the readers coming from your feature)


  • Wait for Forbes to come to you

  • Pay to play (you and everyone else that journalist has written about will get black listed!)

  • Send a pitch without the proper research

  • Let the feature go to waste because you don’t have a strategy in place

Ready to establish yourself as a reputable industry leader? You can’t just rely on good press. There needs to be a clear strategy behind it so that these features actually convert.

So if you haven’t nailed that down yet, don’t bother pitching to Forbes. Establish your brand presence first with my Personal Brand Strategy course!

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