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Web3 Educator and Investor
Host of the NFT Queen Show


As an NFT ambassador, my goal is to diversify the NFT/DeFi space by bringing in experts to educate and inspire more women and beginners to get involved and take control of this new way of investing to create passive income and generational wealth.

As a partner at Unlimited Leverage, our mission is to help entrepreneurs create financial freedom through passive income streams with web3 investments. We offer coaching and hands off investment services.

NFT Queen Show

The NFT Queen show is a Blockchain TV series where I bring in web3 experts and innovators to help you make educated decisions and follow along investment opportunities in NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse.

Unlimited Leverage

Helping 7 figure investors diversify their investment portfolio with crypto and earn 6-10% a month on average.

Need an Expert on


Need a speaker on NFTs, DeFi, and web3 investment strategies? Book Jaylissa to speak in person or virtually for your next conference, mastermind, or workshop.



Binge the Modern Day CEO Podcast to help you integrate into web3 or transition from traditional CEO to Web 3 investor allowing you more time, freedom and resources to pursue your passions.


Do you want to become a top expert in your industry who’s vetted by trusted platforms with millions of viewers?

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